Types of Nursing Home Injuries

Finding out that your elderly loved one has been a victim of abuse and neglect at nursing home can be devastating. It is the last thing that you expect or want to hear. Unfortunately, reports of abuse and neglect in nursing homes has been widespread in recent years. Nursing home abuse cases can be complex and especially challenging, so working with a lawyer to represent you is highly recommended.

Victims of nursing home abuse cases experience a range of injuries. Here are some of the most common types of injuries that lawyers often see. 

Pressure Sores

Residents in nursing homes must be regularly repositioned so that they are comfortable and don’t develop complications such as pressure sores. Also known as bed sores, pressure sores occur when a patient is in one position for too long. Too much pressure in one area can cut off circulation, resulting in a wound. As one of the most common nursing home injuries that residents suffer from, they can cause severe pain and even life-threatening infections if not treated in time.  

Unexplained Marks or Bruises

Have you noticed any mysterious marks such as cuts or bruises on your loved one? If your loved one has any unexplained injuries, then physical abuse may be occurring. If a caregiver handles a resident too aggressively or carelessly, the resident can sustain serious injuries. Even if the injuries were a result of an accident, it can indicate that staff were negligent or inattentive. They are responsible for ensuring the safety and health of residents under their care. 

Malnutrition and Dehydration 

If a resident does not receive enough meals or water, they can suffer from malnutrition or dehydration. Elderly individuals are prone to health issues and following a specialized diet is essential. Some residents are physically unable to feed themselves. Poor nutrition can lead to a number of health problems. Many nursing home residents are on medications, so it makes them especially at risk if they don’t receive proper food. Refusing or failing to give residents the meals they need can be a sign of abuse or neglect. 

Speak to a Lawyer For Legal Advice

A nursing home lawyer like one from Davis & Brusca can give you personalized assistance by explaining your legal rights, analyzing your situation and exploring strategies that will increase the likelihood of a fair settlement. Schedule a risk-free consultation with a respected and trusted nursing home abuse lawyer so that you can obtain the justice you deserve and maximize your compensation.