The Summer and Truck Accidents

2020 was a year in which travel was discouraged and stifled, but now that restrictions are lifting, people are unleashing their pent-up desire to travel by hitting the road this summer. And summer has always been the time to travel from children being out of school, making it the ideal time for families to travel and get together. If you’ve ever been on a family trip, you’ve probably seen the big rigs who might be nice enough to honk their horns as they pass by.

Every summer with more cars descending on the highways and sharing space with commercial trucks, more crashes end up occurring as well, contact DUI Lawyers Ft Lauderdale. Roads end up congested and some reckless impatient driver who’s a little too excited to get to the beach might choose to speed his or her way to the coast resulting in a collision with a commercial vehicle but this is one among many reasons as to why there are more collisions with large trucks over the summer; more of which can be found below:

Summer road construction. For some reason, it seems that as opposed to the less popular spring or fall seasons that most construction companies prefer to do their road construction during the summer. Road construction always means that one or two vital lanes get chopped out of use resulting in traffic condensing and slowing. Those on the outer lanes will struggle to get in and often there are more than a few “contests” with commercial trucks as cars try to muscle their way into the lane against an obviously bigger opponent resulting in a crash.

Tire blowouts. America’s annual exodus to the beach coincides with the arrival of higher temperatures, prompting people to travel to beat the heat. But what we don’t consider is how the tires on our cars will experience an incredible deal of wear each time we hit the highway. We ourselves are already trying to escape the sun, but all that heat and friction on a worn out tire will result in a tire blowout. Add highway speeds to this and a large truck can create a tremendous deal of damage and injury to one or more motorists.

Inexperienced drivers. America’s teens who are driving for the first time often want to hit the highway all on their own to enjoy themselves. There are unfortunately more hazards associated with teens driving than adults. They’re more likely to check their phones while driving, eat while driving, or be otherwise distracted by any other thing. Losing focus will result in a crash with a large commercial vehicle.